Entrance Doors

“Welcome” – that’s what GAULHOFER entrance doors clearly say to you. Their purist design and understated elegance invite you to step inside. Because the first impression is decisive. House doors should fit – to you, to your house and to your windows. GAULHOFER’s windows and entrance doors are made to match each other perfectly. Safety systems fitted as standard moreover prevent unwanted guests. So that you can come home safely with a good feeling.

GAULHOFER wooden entrance doors are rendered virtually distortion-free by special treatment of the materials and glass fiber inserts. The multilayered door leaf construction moreover contains an integrated water vapor barrier. In addition, all models guarantee thermal separation from the threshold through the use of specially adapted long-lasting and better insulating seals.

GAULHOFER’s DOOR Selection 12 crosses a new generation of straightforward entrance door designs with the strongest models in its product range. The most characteristic feature of these newly developed design versions is their plane, flush surface.

GAULHOFER entrance doors are available otherwise in a host of designs and diverse finishes. One thing that they all share however is quality which is always “simply the best“. Your local GAULHOFER professional partner will be pleased to provide you with information about the complete range of GAULHOFER entrance doors.

View our Front Door Styles

  • Design
    Design quality can be puristic - or reflect a playful design language. GAULHOFER NATURELINE front doors of the DESIGN line stand for quality and variety - no wishes are left unfulfilled. Perfectly engineered grooves increase the vision panel's impact. Sand blasting technology creates elaborate effects. DESIGN combines models for every taste and every house. The design is always harmoniously adapted to the material. Thus, GAULHOFER NATURELINE doors of the DESIGN line not only look good, but ARE simply brilliant.
  • Style
    The STYLE line literally shines with the flush elegance of enamelled glass panels. The flush black glazing gives the STYLE models an almost three-dimensional look. When it comes to this door line, the focus is on puristic elegance. Stylish views and perspectives! In this application, glass as a material comes into its own particularly well and invites the light to always be present.
  • Classic
    The wooden and wood-alum front door models of the Classic line embody the elegance of timeless aesthetics. Based on traditional shapes, they harmoniously blend into their architectural surroundings. Lovingly executed details meet stylishly structured surfaces and decoratively inserted glass elements. It's like jewellery for your house - no matter if it's a new construction or a rehabilitation project.

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