Tilt and Turn Doors

Tilt and Turn Patio Door

Gaulhofer is your number one choice in the United States for European Tilt and Turn Patio Doors. The inward swinging tilt and turn patio door, not only functions the same as our tilt and turn window, but is also built with the same concern for B and E security, ventilation and ease of operation.

A single handle operates all 3 functions; the multiple locking points for safety, the tilt function for gentle air movement and the turn option for maximum ventilation.

With our tilt and turn patio door utilizing the tilt position it is now possible for cross ventilation with out compromising security.

Our hinging mechanism provides enough carrying capability to hold the weight of a healthy individual of 130 kg or 290 lbs, while it still tilts and turns like a window.

Because the tilt and turn patio doors and windows have the same construction you can have a uniform look between the two in the design of your home.

Tilt and Turn Double Sash French Door

The double sash french door operates much like our single tilt and turn door, keeping security, ventilation and functionality in mind. There is one handle on the first opening sash which controls tilting and turning operation.

In the tilt position this french door can be used for gentle ventilation.

Once the first opening sash is in the turn position a single lever on the second sash can be lifted making the opening of second sash possible.

Since the construction is the same as our double sash tilt and turn window we can reach a size of 2400 mm (8’) high and 2000 mm (6’6”) wide. A height of 2700 mm (9’) may be possible depending on sash weight.

This door works beautifully as a French patio door. With a wheel chair accessible threshold, sidelights and other options, it makes for a popular and stunning entrance to your home.

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