Gaulhofer Door Line

Our current generation of products simultaneously combine innovation, perfect workmanship and ecological responsibility. Whether the focus is on thermal efficiency, noise insulation, security protection or sustainability, GAULHOFER products exemplify the highest level of quality and offer the greatest value for every need and discriminating taste, in both renovation and new construction projects.

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  • Style
    Tilt and Turn
    There is no substitute to the quality and craftsmanship that goes into a producing a Gaulhofer Tilt and Turn door. Get the most out of your entry ways with our 3-way positioning of the door. Turn the handle up to vent/tilt, turn the handle to the right to swing open and turn the handle down for secure locking with our multi-point locking system.
  • Lift Slider Door
    Lift Sliding
    Gaulhofer Lift Sliding doors are available in both NATURELINE and FUSIONLINE, and combine comfort, flexibility, safety and superior design in one amazing product. The Lift Slider may even integrate with the VISIONLINE all-glass system, to create the unusual appearance of a floating sash sliding across wide expanses of glass.
  • Style
    Front Doors
    Appealing designs and subtle elegance invite one to enter. Front doors should fit - you, your home, your windows. GAULHOFER's front doors have been adapted to all GAULHOFER window lines in terms of aesthetics and surface design. Moreover, standard safety systems ensure that uninvited guests cannot force their way in. Thus, we make sure you always return home with a feeling of security.

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