Privacy Policy

Please note that we do not require or collect personal information from you, when you access the general areas of our website. Our web server may however collect general information used to compile usage statistics. This information is solely used to help us improve our website’s accessibility and content.

On some parts of our website, we collect information from our visitors on a voluntary basis. These parts of the site, contain detailed product information and/or allow the visitor to request further information from our office. The collected personal information is only used only for providing better customer service and marketing and relaying requested information. We do not share your personal information with any other organizations in any way or form.

Our company takes reasonable precautions to keep all information, obtained from our visitors, secure. Please make sure to re-assess the privacy policy of any website that you reach through a link on our site. We are not responsible for another site’s privacy policy.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback regarding any issues you may have with our site.

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