Gaulhofer Window Line

Our current generation of products simultaneously combine innovation, perfect workmanship and ecological responsibility. Whether the focus is on thermal efficiency, noise insulation, security protection or sustainability, GAULHOFER products exemplify the highest level of quality and offer the greatest value for every need and discriminating taste, in both renovation and new construction projects.

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    NATURELINE is a wonderful reminder that there is simply no substitute for wood in the hands of a master craftsman. Its natural beauty and elegance brings a warmth and comfort to every room, that simply cannot be captured by any other material. Gaulhofer sources its wood entirely from sustainably managed forests, and trees that are felled only in winter and above an altitude of 6000 feet. NATURELINE windows are also among the most energy efficient windows in the world, easily meeting International Passive Haus standards.
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    Wood-Alu Clad
    FUSIONLINE, is the state-of the-art integration of two very different materials, working together to create a functional masterpiece. Wood, in all of its glory, is a living treasure, with every one-of-a-kind piece distinguished by species and grain. Aluminum, on the other hand, is completely uniform, inert, and stable to the end. In FUSIONLINE, these natural materials combine to bring windows of unparalleled performance and durability for generations to come.
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    VISIONLINE is a revolutionary frameless glazing system, where the structural profile of the system is completely buried in the jamb, head and sill, resulting in large, clear, unobstructed expanses of glass, and maximized visibility for all to enjoy.

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