Visionline Windows


Visionline creates beautiful, unobstructed views to the outside, where glass disappears completely into the wall, floor and ceiling. But accomplishing this is no easy feat and the true beauty of this unique glazing system, is how it utilizes its proprietary "invisible" frame profile to solve the technical challenge of effectively separating thermal variances between the inside and outside. In Visionline, Gaulhofer has perfected this solution in every regard, and the result is an abundance of light and large visible expanses, while maintaining a complete disconnection from the outside elements and temperatures.

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The Visionline glazing system is sealed internally and externally by means of Gaulhofer's proprietary V-sealant, specifically developed for the façade. And with its patented thermoprofile, Visionline provides a wide array of reliable and thermally advantageous solutions for fixed glazing designs, including glass-to-glass connections, glass corners, various degrees of angled glass connections, and the direct connection of glass to Gaulhofer's ultra-modern lifting sliding doors.

Window Specifications

At the heart of this visionary product is a highly insulated composite frame, giving Visionline superior thermal properties. The all-glass system may be specified as double glazed or triple glazed, and includes Gaulhofer's industry's best, warm-edge spacer, available in two options: Thermostop® and Thermostop®PLUS resulting in the following values respectively: (U g value = 1.1 W / m 2 K) / (U g value = 0.6 W / m 2 K or 0, 5 W / m 2 K) Of course, to complete the project, the Visionline system is perfect to combine with Gaulhofer's revolutionary Fusionline products, to give the most contemporary design possible.

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