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Fusionline: The master class in the premium segment

Fusionline is a unique aluminum cladding system that is actually "stood-off" from the wood frame, akin to a commercial rain screen, creating a breathable air space and eliminating the possibility for rot. This state-of-the-art system solves an enormous problem that has plagued the American window industry for decades, due to its permanent bonding of the cladding to the wood frame, thereby trapping moisture between the two materials. Because our Fusionline cladding is not permanently adhered to the frame, this problem is resolved, and the cladding can also be removed and replaced, in the event it is damage. Fusionline comes in four attractive profiles: Soft, Pure, Plane and Inline, as well as a wide array of colors and simulated wood grains, that are impossibly realistic from just feet away.

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Fusionline alum-wood windows are exceptional in their construction and design, resulting in unparalleled durability and clean, consistent sight lines, that uniquely integrate systems, finishes and functionality and give confidence to specifying professionals and enjoyment to homeowners for generations to come.

  • Nearly 100% Water Resistant
  • Triple impregnated with WDMA approved sealer
  • Cross laminated to eliminate twisting and warping
  • Consistent sight lines across doors and windows
  • Integral mulls are provided by Gaulhofer
  • Compression seal technology for optimal closure and superior noise rating
  • Available in a marine grade, high salt resistant finish
  • Factory finished in any color desired
  • Tilt and turn multi-point gearing meets AAMA's highest forced entry resistance rating

Window Specifications

  • Wood is pure nature for all the senses: beautiful, warm, fragrant and especially pleasant to touch. The same applies to wood windows from Gaulhofer, for which we have for the last 90 years exclusively used indigenous larch and spruce felled in the winter and from sustainably managed forests. Both are as natural and beautiful as they are sturdy and tough. Wind and cold are kept out and with an optimum UW-values and consumption of heating material and CO2 emission are lowered. Living comfort and cosiness, on the other hand, are multiplied many times over.

    Protecting our wood frames is of paramount importance and we go to the greatest of lengths to ensure their longevity. With that said, we start by subjecting the entire wood frame to a 3-part impregnation, consisting of a mildecide, termicide and fungicide; the frame is then constructed in a cross-laminated fashion, to prevent warping or twisting of any kind; then, all mechanical corners are joined by mortise and tenon with an eco-friendly water based glue; a sustainable primer coat is then applied, which is both UV protected and nearly 100% water repellent. Finally, a beautiful factory finish (painted or stained), top coat is applied.

  • The exterior of the window receives a protective aluminum shell, that is 2mm in thickness (2 times that of domestic lines) which meets the highest finish coating standards (AAMA - 2605). All of these elements combine to create a robust, belt and suspenders methodology, and ensuring our commitment to produce windows for a lifetime!

  • Handles

    RAL tested. HARMONY is a classic that satisfies many requirements. The window handle matches state-of-the-art architectural environments as well as windows for old half-timbered houses reproduced true-to-style. Its distinctive, charismatic contours and timelessly attractive appearance make their mark from the very first moment on. HARMONY is available in the colours bronze, champagne, RAL 80149 grey brown, RAL 9016 traffic white, silver and titanium.

    Tilt and Turn Mechnanism

    GAULHOFER 4-point-security provides comprehensive protection against break-in and other extraordinary stress. A minimum of four mushroom cam locks made from high-strength materials provide all-round fastening for your windows. Literally! A central locking system, (i.e. security roller cams and sash lifter) provide the basis for each set. You can add further MULTI single components based on the additional functions you require. To achieve the burglar-resistant version of your window units, use i.S security striker plates instead of the standard striker plates and arrange them according to the desired burglary-resistance grade.

  • Glass Glazings

    Gaulhofer offers many glazing configurations to fit your needs which, in connection with our large installation depth and thermally optimised glass spacers, makes your windows' insulation up to 40% more efficient compared to conventional products. Our glazing minimises the window's radiation of cold and thus provides a larger degree of living comfort while significantly reduces your heating costs and enabling you to reach passive house levels with almost every GAULHOFER frame.

      Select from:
    • Double Pane Insulating Glass Unit
    • Double Pane Insulating Glass Unit (Impact Rated)
    • Double Pane Insulating Glass Unit (Impact Rated with Turtle Glass)
    • Triple Pane Insulating Glass Unit

    Available Colors

    Create your very own window design! The GAULHOFER colour range fully satisfies your design criteria. Everything is possible – thanks to the GAULHOFER paint and glaze range including all RAL color specifications.

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  • With Gaulhofer, you have the ability to completely customize your windows to the specification needed in your project. Here are several of our most popular grilles patterns.

    Spotlight Image

  • We truly believe our products set the standard for design and technical excellence in our industry. Gaulhofer marries the traditional values of a century old Austrian company with 21st century technology to create finely-tuned and exquisitely crafted products. There is simply no window more design-savvy, smarter, safer, technically sound or better made on the market.

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